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MagicBox, Inc. - Digital Signage Made Simple!
Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, MagicBox was founded in 1995 as a small manufacturing company to serve the cable television industries requirements for Commercial Insertion and PEG Channels. Today, MagicBox builds upon its technology becoming an industry leader in the development and delivery of digital signage systems in the public and private market space.

MagicBox's solutions help customers facilitate, distribute and communicate their message to their target audience in a highly effective manner.

Their software platform allows for ease of use content creation, scheduling, and management. The software provides a toolset that enables the end user to combine text, graphics and multi-media content in a central location. An exceptional database integration software creates an automated information display using several database types including SQL, Oracle, Exchange, XML, Excel, and more.

Our engineering and sales staff have strong backgrounds in video and production, and understand the need for flexible, easy to use equipment and strong customer service. They don't just make products - they actually use them!
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